Felgrim by E. M. Duffield-Fuller

Felgrim by E. M. Duffield-Fuller


Hollowick is beset. At its gates mass the thimmaru, rune-marked rebels sworn

to the undying god, and within its walls lurks a far greater threat, one that

cannot be slain by swords: a murderous Felgrim, incorporeal demon

of the abyss.

King Davon—the ‘Little Tyrant’—is young, and his allies are few. His mother,

high priestess of Evillea, undermines him at every turn, and his ministers offer

nothing. And so he turns to Tonsward, the assassin’s tower, to get things done.

Enter Marla Black. Ambitious, capable, and arrogant to a fault, Marla is the

tower’s star apprentice. Her job is simple: find the thimmaru camp, befriend

Eaton Poole, nephew of the imprisoned rebel leader, and bring him back. An

easy step towards becoming the King’s Dagger, or so Marla thinks. What she

doesn’t expect is to like Eaton Poole and, worse, to find that the roots of his

rebellion go far deeper than she’d ever expected…

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