Angel from the Rust by Jason Link

Angel from the Rust by Jason Link


A golden god walks the Earth.


At least, so claim rumours trickling from Ryperia. The golden man rules the city, they say, and rapturous pilgrims flock to the closely guarded walls, never to be heard from again…


Far away, young Corvala Keen scrambles through the manticore-haunted Thorn Shroud forest, desperate to find the ingredient that could save her father’s life. But what she finds is a bunker from the Ancient World and, inside, a strange woman with an enticing offer: she’ll cure both Corvala’s father and her encroaching madness—the same madness that claimed her mother’s life—if she agrees to follow the path laid out for her many centuries ago.


The catch? That same path leads right to the golden man’s door.


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    Paperback ISBN: 9781914342011

    eBook ISBN: 9781914342103

    Audiobook ISBN: 9781914342196