Acquisition Announcement: ANGEL FROM THE RUST by Jason Link

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Heroic Books have acquired world rights to publish American author Jason Link’s compelling debut novel ANGEL FROM THE RUST.

Set in a distant future where WWIII and natural disasters have plunged humanity back into the Dark Ages, Link’s gripping fantasy-science fiction hybrid depicts a society in which modern technology is regarded as ancient magic and those who seek out its forbidden power are captured by the authorities, never to be seen again.

With dangerous new fauna roaming the wilderness alongside once-mythical beasts, a young woman must unlock a hidden power in order to defeat a murderer who has bewitched an entire city into believing he is a god. In this captivating novel, Jason Link spans genres and melds together disparate realities to produce a startling world unlike any other.


Jason Link himself said: “I’m so thrilled to have found a home at Heroic. This book is, at its core, an adventure story playing out against the backdrop of a dystopian future, but it’s also a coming of age story — there’ll be a lot for readers to relate to.

I’ve always been influenced by the likes of J. R. R. Tolkien and Brandon Sanderson, so world building really takes centre stage in the book. Places like Tolkien’s Middle-earth and Sanderson’s Cosmere have so much depth and detail to them, and reading their work has allowed me to go deep and vast in the worlds I create myself.”


Link, a Michigan native, studied English at DePauw University in Indiana, US, and teaches a bestselling world building course for fantasy authors on Udemy. He now lives in Nicaragua with his family, where he works as a high school English teacher.

ANGEL FROM THE RUST will be published by Heroic Books in February 2022.


To learn more about Jason Link, head to his website and follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for regular updates on his writing.

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